A Look Through Art Deco History & The Trafalgar Jewellers Colllection

September 2nd, 2016



A guest post blog by Olive-Brighton




Trafalgar Jewellers proudly exhibit a huge array of stunning antique and pre-owned items such as jewellery, watches and objet d’art. I have followed their blog and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/trafalgarjewellers/) for a while now and absolutely love the collection of Art Deco pieces that they present.

What keeps Art Deco jewellery so popular today is by no doubt the connotations of pure elegance of the bygone era. The roaring 1920’s, reminds us of luxury, glamour and fun! This style quickly evolved into the Art Deco period of the 1930’s Great Gatsby-esque era with geometric shapes, horizontal lines, emerald cut diamonds and bold, symmetrical designs. Art Deco intricacies and defining characteristics include the heavy use of baguette cut diamonds, channel-set gemstones and millegrain, open work detail.

Trafalgar Jewellers have impressively built up a fantastic collection of vintage Art Deco items attracting Jewellery lovers and antique collectors alike.

Whether you are looking for the perfect, platinum vintage engagement ring or wish to add a sparkle of Art Deco into your Jewellery collection, be sure to check out the below rings that are currently on sale. My favourites listed below:









Another iconic design that came out of the Art Deco era has got to be the quaint and elegant ladies cocktail dress watch. Combining a diamond dress bracelet with the composite of the watch function, the below watch truly encompasses all that is Art Deco style:





As well as cocktail watches, bracelets were particularly popular in the Art Deco period. With the wide bracelet, the diamond designs are usually square cut diamonds, predominantly set in platinum, these bracelets have become a ‘classic’ in terms of luxury jewellery. My current favourite within the Trafalgar range is:







It’s difficult for me to pin point my favourite designs and jewellery pieces when it comes to the Art Deco era, as there are so many! However, my final point of discussion is going to be the brooch/clothes pin. The brooch is a statement piece of jewellery that has come back on the fashion scene in recent years, with massive influences from the Art Deco period. The perfect way to add glamour, elegance and sophistication to any outfit. I think of Cartier when I think of brooches in this era, the pyramid design of the below jabot pin with sapphire, black onyx, diamond, coral and platinum is the epitome of elegance and true style.


image 5.jpg

Source: Art Deco: The period, the jewelry. By J. Mark Ebert www.gia.edu/gems-gemology/spring -1983-art-deco-ebert


Similarly, Trafalgar Jewellers host a few brooches in their collection which feature these decedent designs:






Cartier Tutti Frutti 1.jpg




The creative Art Deco period continues to influence contemporary workmanship within the Jewellery and watch industry. Designers remain to draw inspiration from these unique, and revolutionary design concepts that are globally recognised.



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