Exceptionally Rare Chameleon Diamond Antique Stick Pin Brooch

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Price: £22,000.00
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The styling and appeal of this beautiful antique pin brooch are excellent, the centre fancy colour diamond, surrounded by a bright and attractive open floral work, set with diamonds to form a flower shape. Mounted on a simple 18 carat gold pin. The attractiveness alone is good reason to purchase this wonderful brooch, but on closer inspection you discover something very exciting. The fancy coloured centre diamond is accompanied by a GIA certificate stating that it is what is called in the trade a 'chameleon diamond'. An exceptionally rare, awe inspiring and little understood diamond type.

True to their name, chameleon diamonds change colours depending on their environment. Usually green in colour, when gently heated or kept in darkness for a time, they can become bright, sparkling yellow or orange-yellow. The colour change is short lived. Once exposed to light, or cooled to a normal temperature, the colour reverts to the usual greenish hue.

Still only little is known about what actually causes this thermochromism and photochromism and as it is such a rare phenomenon, it makes chameleon diamonds highly sought by collectors.

A unique, beautiful antique brooch of exceptional pedigree.




Tests as 18 carat gold




Weight: 0.66 of a carat

Clairty: SI2

Colour: Fancy Deep Brownish Greenish Yellow

Accompanied by a GIA Coloured Diamond Report stating that the colour of the diamond changes temporarily when gently heated or when left in darkness for a period of time - referred to as a 'Chameleon Diamond' in the trade.


Weight: 0.30 of a carat in total, approximately



65mm x 15mm

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